904 Model's Foam and Draft Stop

Foam_Basic :
1. around Windows
2. gap of Walls
3. corner of Walls
4. Outside walls gap
5.Foam gaps between Wall and Floor
Foam Stop1
: D/S End joist uitility room
Foam Stop2
: 1.D/S End joist garage sides
2. Water box ceiling
Foam Stop3
: D/S bed room
Foam Stop4
: Living room steel beam end
Foam Stop5
: Living room under steel beam
Foam Stop6
: upstairs wall
Foam Stop7
: mechanical room ceiling and wall
Foam Stop8
: upstair stair box
Foam Stop9
: Utility room ceiling
Foam Stop10
: Baffle of soffit


1. Foam holes and wide gap of walls
2. Draft stop pipes and ducts