904 Model's Finising Work After Blowing

Stair Box
1.Cover plastic(5 studs)
Stair wall(no basement)
1.Cover plastic
Water pipes Box
1.Cover plastic
Steel post
1.Cover plastic bothside and top
under Box
1.Cover plastic top and bottom ceiling
Stair wall(basement)
End joist(basement)
Blown basic1
1.Cut concent
2.Cut gas valve
Blown basic2
1.Cut drain pipes
2.Cut concent
3.Cut Duct
Blown basic3
1.Cut drain pipe
Blown basic4
1.foam resistive pannel
Blown basic5
1.R19 FSK(Foil) Joist


1. Checkup Foam & gap of walls
2. Checkup Cutting Pipes & Electrical Concents into all walls